Kyiv 2016

160824_Namaashtaka Rupa Gosvami glory of Nam Prabhu_Guru and disciple_ghost of Nam prabhu_Krsna Lila_questions
160824 blessing of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu-Nimay Pandit become Vaishnava-Nimay decide took sanyas-Radharani and bumblebee-Mahaprabhu traveled to south-meating with Ray Ramananda-Durvasa and Ambarishi-Krshna frien
160826 dash mull tattva-Why devoties chanting many years and have no taste-One pointedness in meditation on lila
160827 Kirtan Mahamantra-plus glory of mantra plus Govinda Govinda Gopal Nanda lal
160827 What is Yoga and its levels-The history about flying carpet-what is Parampara-Subtle body-Astrology story-Life is a joyful surprise-Super power of Prema-plus questions
160828 Mahaprabhu words plus kirtan
160828 Sri Prem Prayojan and BV Nemi Gosvami Maharaj- topic of discussion-relationship with God-If we can become servant of a saint very soon we will accepted by the Lord